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How to use DLL Fixer to install QtNetwork4.dll file

Using the DLL Fixer to Fix & Repair Missing QtNetwork4.dll DLL files Errors

  1. Setup 1. Download the DLL Fixer
  2. Setup 2. Run the dfixersetup-QtNetwork4.exe file that was downloaded.
  3. Setup 3. Wait for the installation to finish.
  4. Setup 4. After the installation has finished Run the DLL Fixer.
  5. Click the Scan &Fix DLL button in the Main interface.
  6. Click the Install DLL File button.
    Hiw to fix dll file not found error
  7. Pop-up the Fix Missing DLL Error window.
  8. Enter the QtNetwork4.dll in the Edit box, then Click Search DLL File Now.
  9. Select the QtNetwork4.dll file then click Download & Install button(The following software screenshots use the d3dx9_36.dll file as an example).

    Click Download  button.
    Download DLL FIle
    When the download QtNetwork4.dll file is complete, Click Install DLL button.
    Install DLL file to your PC
    Congratulation! The missing or not found QtNetwork4.dll error was Fixed!

DLLs Files:
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